Fake news, 'Terror' in Sweden, and Rush Limbaugh: Donald Trump's busy weekend on Twitter

Fake news, Swedish 'Terror', and Rush Limbaugh: Donald Trump's weekend in Tweets

Donald Trump had a busy weekend on Twitter

Monday, February 20, 2017

Donald Trump had a pretty busy weekend, if the number of tweets on his account are anything to go by.

While most people are having lie-ins, washing the car or cooking roasts, Trump is out doing presidential work, going to rallies, meeting donors, and, with a startling regularity, voicing his ever-controversial views in less than 140 characters via Twitter.

The president spoke at a rally in Florida last week, where he repeatedly labelled mainstream news outlets such as CNN and CBS 'fake news', praised right-wing pundit Rush Limbaugh, and attempted to clarify his puzzling reference to 'what's happening last night in Sweden', where he seemed to suggest there had been a terrorist incident when no such story had been reported.

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