Families of Manchester Arena victims to receive £250,000 each from public donations

Families of Manchester Arena victims to receive £250,000 each of public donations

The We Love Manchester Emergency Fund raised more than £18mn, bolstered by events like One Love Manchester

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The families of the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing are to receive £250,000 each. 

Grieving family members will be able to claim a further £180,000, in addition to the £70,000 they are already eligible to. 

The money has been gathered by the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund set up after the terror attack. 

The charity, founded by the British Red Cross, Manchester Evening News and Manchester City Council, is tasked with providing care for the mental and physical health of the victims and survivors, helping with their finances, and supporting families.

It has received more than £18m in public donations, bolstered by numerous events such as the One Love Manchester concert organised by American singer Ariana Grande, whose concert was targeted in the attack. 

Twenty two people died after Salman Abedi detonated an improvised explosive in the foyer of the arena as fans left the gig in May.