Far-right AfD leader suspended from Twitter over anti-Muslim comment

Far-right AfD leader suspended from Twitter over anti-Muslim comment

Beatrix von Storch is facing a police investigation

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The deputy leader of Germany's AfD party was suspended from Twitter after posting an anti-Muslim comment on New Year's Eve.

Beatrix von Storch is also facing a police investigation over her tweets and could be charged with incitement to hatred, according to the BBC.

The woman's Twitter suspension lasted for 12 hours as the social media site claimed she had broken its rules.

The tweet accused police in Cologne of appeasing "barbaric, gang-raping Muslim hordes of men" after tweeting about New Year in Arabic.

However the police service had also tweeted its New Year message in other languages such as French and English.

Storch also published the same comment on Facebook, however this was also taken down by the site over incitement issues.

The far-right AfD party has defended Storch and claimed that the removal of her comments amounts to censorship.

Germany has recently introduced a new law where social media websites are fined for not removing "obviously illegal" posts.

Cologne became a focus of global attention on New Year's Eve 2015, when many women were assaulted, allegedly by migrants.

In 2016 police were also slammed for questioning many North African men in Cologne.