Far-right neo-Nazi group on trial in Germany for anti-refugee 'terror attacks'

Far-right neo-Nazi extremist group on trial in Germany for attacks on refugees

The group carried out attacks on refugees (Stock image)

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Eight far-right extremists have gone on trial in Dresden, Germany today (March 7) for bomb attacks on asylum seekers' homes.

The seven men and one woman are known as the neo-Nazi Freital group, and will face a 62-day trial as prosecutors try to prove they carried out terrorist attacks, DW reported.

They are accused of conducting five attacks and planning others, targeting refugee homes and offices of left-wing politicians. No-one was killed in the incidents, however two people were injured.

Prosecutors say that death was only avoided because victims scrambled to safety before any explosions.

This trial could be one of the most significant in the recent history of Germany because despite similar assaults taking place in the country, the perpetrators have never been tried for terrorism charges in a federal court.

Charges against some of the group include attempted murder, grievous bodily harm and causing an explosion. 

To carry out the attacks, the group used fireworks to make pipe bombs. They purchased these in the Czech Republic because they are illegal in Germany.

In one attack they also threw small cobblestones at their victims, as well as the homemade explosives.

The defence are not denying that the attacks took place, but claim that they shouldn't be categorised as terrorism.