From fat astronauts to THAT slitty-eyed joke: Prince Philip's five worst comments

That time he suggested British women can't cook
That time he told a 13-year-old he was too fat to go into space
3. That time he offended survivors of the Lockerbie bombing
The time he told British students they would end up ‘slitty eyed’ if they remained in China
That time he suggested Scottish people were alcoholics

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Buckingham Palace announced today Prince Philip would step down from his public duties later this year.

The Prince has offered decades of service in his time as the Prince Consort and Duke of Edinburgh, and has accomplished much in that time – from raising four children to conducting thousands of royal engagements in service to the crown.

So perhaps it's a ltitle churlish to point out his faux pas, pick out the chinks in the armour of one of our most decorated and venerated servants.

But we're going to do it anyway.

Because Ol' Phil has made several ridiculous comments down the years. Some of them were relatively harmless, but others were downright offensive and damaging.

Here are his five most incendiary remarks.