Father of Ahmad Khan Rahami 'contacted FBI in 2014 to say he was a terrorist'

Police and FBI members continue to search the area around the scene of a bombing in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan last Saturday night on September 19, 2016 in New York City (Getty)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The father of US bomb suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami contacted the FBI in 2014 to say his son was a terrorist, according to an official.

However Rahami's father subsequently retracted the allegation, according to the official, who was cited by the Associated Press.

Rahami sparked a manhunt after he emerged as the prime suspect in the bombs which were planted in Manhattan and the New Jersey town of Elizabeth over the weekend. He was eventually cornered and apprehended in the New Jersey town of Linden following a shootout with police.

Earlier, it emerged that US authorities are investigating Rahami's family to see whether he acted alone in allegedly leaving the homemade explosives. 

Rahami's father has previously denied any knowledge of his son's alleged intention to commit a terrorist offence. The suspect's mother, Najiba, left the US for Turkey three weeks ago and has yet to return to the country.

Rahami's wife - who has not yet been named - left the country for Pakistan, her home country, days before the incidents in New York and New Jersey. US officials have revealed that she was arrested on Monday in the United Arab Emirates.

Speculation has suggested that Rahami was radicalised on a visit to Afghanitan, but this has yet to be confirmed.