'FBI will struggle to prove Donald Trump and Russia worked together in US election' says surveillance expert

'The FBI will struggle to prove Donald Trump and Russia worked together in the US election campaign', says journalist

Donald Trump is being investigated by the FBI

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The FBI will struggle to prove that Donald Trump's campaign worked with Russia in the US election so his opponents must be careful before "jumping on the bandwagon."

That is according to investigative journalist Stephen Grey, who is renowned for his studies on both Russia and the US intelligence agencies. 

FBI director James Comey has said that, while there is no basis for Donald Trump's claims about being wiretapped by Barack Obama, the agency is investigating claims that Mr Trump's campaign received support from Russia during the US election.

Grey, who has written an acclaimed novel on surveillance called The New Spymasters, told Sam Delaney that “whilst there might be a lot of smoke" behind the Trump Russia allegations "proving they actually cooked the whole thing up together is going to be very difficult."

Thus, he said, Mr Trump’s opponents should be careful "before jumping on the bandwagon."

The White House also suggested that GCHQ may have been involved in the alleged wiretapping - an allegation which has been vigorously denied by the British intelligence agency and prompted a formal apology from US officials.

Grey said “the idea that somehow Obama picks up the phone and asks GCHQ to get involved just isn’t how it works," adding that, for GCHQ, to "get involved and mixed up in US politics would be disastrous." 

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