'Fears about Donald Trump will be calmed by Mike Pence': Republicans Overseas react to vice-presidential debate

'Showing that Donald Trump is grounded by people like Mike Pence will reassure voters', says Republicans Overseas

Tim Kaine and Mike Pence (Getty)

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mike Pence will win Donald Trump votes and show that he is grounded, according to Republicans Overseas.

The vice-presidential debate took place yesterday with Republican Pence pitted against the Democrats' Tim Kaine. Many polls have suggested Pence won the debate.

Kate Andrews, spokesperson for Republicans Overseas (and a frequent critic of Trump) agreed that Pence won, adding "it mostly came down to style and demeanor, that matters in a 90-minute debate.

"To show that Donald Trump is grounded by people like Pence will give a lot of voters who might remain undecided a bit of a calm reassurance. [Penc as far right as they come on issues like birth control and abortion, I think Donald Trump picked him essentially for that."

Karin Robinson, former vice-chair at Democrats Abroad, agreed that Pence performed competently, but was quick to claim Kaine had performed well.

"Tim Kaine was quite rightly trying to make people think long and hard about what a Donald Trump presidency might look like, Mike Pence was trying to sort of bat that back and return to a more traditional Republican point of view that he represents," she said.

"Tim Kaine is such an extraordinary individual, he may be a future presidential candidate, he has tremendous government experience. This is a guy who's genuinely going to be a partner in government and I think that's why Hillary chose him."

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