Feline family found living under tube station elevator

Monday, March 25, 2019

A cat and her litter of kittens have been found living beneath an escalator in one of the country’s busiest underground stations.

Staff called animal rescue after they discovered the cat and four kittens beneath an escalator just a few hours before it was due to start test runs.

The felines were taken to Harmsworth Animal Hospital, and charity workers are trying to trace the cat’s owner.

Animal welfare officer Siobhan Trinnaman said: "It’s a very dangerous for cats as it’s where the mechanism is to run the escalator.

"Staff were very concerned that if they remained there and the escalator was running they would be injured or killed.”

Ms Trinnaman rescued the four kittens, before returning to trap their mother.

She added: “I did learn afterwards that the station code for Moorgate is MOG so perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised that’s where mum decided to set up home.”

Hospital staff have named her Elizabeth after the new Crossrail line being built at the station.

The kittens, one girl and three boys, have also been named after Tube stations.

They are called Bow, Colin, Dale and Earl, after Bow Road, Collindale and Earl’s Court.