Female journalist converted to Islam tells Lindsay Lohan: The Quran is a blueprint for women's rights

Lindsay Lohan rumoured Islam conversion: journalist Yvonne Ridley gives advice to Hollywood starlet

Lindsay Lohan's rumoured to be going through a conversion after she deleted all of her Instagram pictures and replaced her description with an Arab greeting

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A journalist converted to Islam by the Taliban has given Lindsay Lohan advice following the reports of her rumoured conversion to Islam, and said the Quran is a "blueprint for women's rights."

Speculation about Lohan embracing the faith has been circulating on the internet since yesterday (Tuesday), after she deleted all of her Instagram pictures and replaced her description with “Alaikum salam,” an Arab greeting which means “and unto you peace.”

Yvonne Ridley, who converted after being captured by the Taliban in 2001, had some advice to give based on her own experience. 

"Lindsay Lohan has said she was going through a period of spiritual renewal," she told Sam Delaney. "I wasn't looking for anything, I was happy with the life I was leading. 

"Then I was captured by the Taliban, and it was an intense 10 or 11 days in which I didn't know whether I would survive or not.

"I told them, if you let me go, I'll promise to ready your holy book and study Islam and against all odds, they did.  Against all odds, they let me go."

Ridley added: "If Lindsay Lohan is embracing Islam, what I would say is not to put yourself under any pressure. 

"There is pressure on converts, because people do expect us to be, not quite zealous, but on a higher lever than other Muslims, and it's a lot of pressure to be under."

However she said that, contrary to popular perceptions, the Islamic holy book is hugely progressive in its treatment of women, and she loves going round Muslim communities to repent from the misogynistic practices they have fallen into to.