'Female Tory MPs are disproportionately affected by abuse,' says Baroness Jenkin

'Female Tory MPs are disproportionately affected by abuse,' says Baroness Jenkin

Baroness Jenkin says she was spat at because of her rosette

Monday, February 5, 2018

Female Conservative MPs are "disproportionately affected" by abuse as some people think Tories are all "evil baby-eating monsters."

The Conservative peer previously used the c-word in the House Of Lords when discussing the abuse received by MPs, as an example of some of the phrases used, and claimed not tackling it could damage democracy. 

Baroness Anne Jenkin told Mike Graham and Katie Perrior: "I didn’t want to go on with a career in politics, because I didn’t like them spitting at me in the street because of the colour of my rosette."

But now she believes "Conservative women in particular are disproportionately affected" and abuse is "definitely worse than it was and that is partly because people have got the opportunity to anonymously abuse people."

She said: "I’m sure there will be people boiling with rage even listening to this because they think we’re all evil baby-eating monsters."

Jenkin thinks it's important to fight against the abuse as it's important to have women in Parliament "because women’s life experiences are different to men" and otherwise "you end up only having really tough people in public life and that does not represent the country."

On using the c-word, she explained she did consider saying "offensive language" but decided to use the word as "it is shocking. Even today this is not a word I personally would ever use" but she claims she's "heard very little backlash even from my more traditional colleagues."

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