Femi Oluwole: ‘The battle is lost’

Friday, December 13, 2019

People’s vote campaigner Femi Oluwole has acknowledged that Britain will leave the EU on January 31 but said Brexit will “continue being a live issue” for up to ten more years.

Boris Johnson managed to secure an 80-seat majority, making his pledge to deliver Brexit next month appear very likely.

“We’re leaving the EU, the battle is lost in that respect,” Mr Oluwole told talkRADIO’s Dan Wootton, adding that he will not be pursuing a campaign to rejoin the bloc.

Instead, the Our Future Our Choice co-founder said that going forward he will work to hold Boris Johnson to account over his Withdrawal Agreement.

“Unfortunately his oven-ready deal, very few people talked about what the ingredients of that oven-ready deal were.”

But politically, the activist – who said he was disappointed with Jo Swinson’s “Revoke Article 50” position – added that there was no party he felt he could align himself with.

“I can’t join Labour because they’ve been an absolute mess, we’ve just seen that. I could theoretically join the Greens but I think I eat too much meat and obviously not the Tories or Lib Dems,” he said.

However, while Mr Oluwole has accepted the general election result which saw the Conservative Party soar to victory, he insisted that the Prime Minister may not be able to “get Brexit done” as quickly as he has promised.

He told Dan: “It took three and a half years negotiating an 11-month trade deal so given that we now have to negotiate something permanent, you can guess that that’ll take maybe seven to 10 years so this is going to continue being a live issue.”

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