Feminism ‘is a debate among the already privileged’, says co-founder of Men and Boys Coalition

Feminism ‘is a debate among the already privileged’, says co-founder of Men and Boys Coalition

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Martin Daubney, co-founder of Men and Boys Coalitio,n has said that feminism is only an issue talked about by “the privileged”, after new research found that feminism made men more ambitious as they have to compete for top jobs.

Mr Daubney told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham: “Feminism as an issue is one of the privileged and middle-class. They don’t talk about feminism down coal mines or on the bin lorries.

“This is a debate among the already privileged.

“But, I have been hearing for a long time that men’s careers are plateauing because there is absolutely a trend for companies not to appear sexist.

“In not looking sexist, it is a good idea to offer an appointment to a woman of similar ability.

“I have been hearing for a long time men saying ‘if I want to get promoted, I have got to really up my game, I’ve got to tool up and really go beyond with this.’

“I think that is good for workplaces and good for competition. The more competition is introduced by the form of more women, or men, or anybody else at all, the more you are going to up your game.”


'Bottom of the stack' 

The research by the London School of Economics found that women had pushed forward in sectors such as law and accountancy but men remain in the best-paid roles. 

The report also found that the gender pay gap was “close to zero” for people under the age of 40.

However, Mr Daubney claimed that working-class boys continue to struggle with education as “they are bottom of the stack”.

“I’m hoping to start a cross-party group on white working class boys in education because they are the bottom of the stack,” he said.  

“It is an inequality that we hear very few people talking about.”

“We look at equality through the prism at the top. We look at boardrooms and Parliament, the number of men who rule the world.

“It is a tantalising and tempting conclusion to draw that men hold all the power.

“Of course the men at the bottom would love the power of the men at the top too.  

“This is not just women who are looking at these coveted positions; it is everybody down the pyramid."