Feminists criticise Argentinian football team Boca Juniors for sacking their cheerleaders

Feminists criticise Argentinian football team for sacking cheerleaders

The Boca Juniors cheerleaders have been sacked

Monday, November 13, 2017

Cheerleaders for the Argentinian football team Boca Juniors have been sacked as the club claims they objectify women.

However the move appears to have backfired, with feminist groups claiming that the removal of the pom-pom squad actually damages the fight against gender stereotypes, according to Mundo Deportivo.

Rocio Martin, who is in charge of the Boquitas cheerleaders, told Efe she was disappointed with the decision as the group wanted to demonstrate that women should be respected.

She also said that the group was working with the Boca Social Foundation, which helps children who have problems with addiction by encouraging them to get involved in sport. Martin says this is "far away" from what the group is being accused of by the club.

A researcher at the Feminist Advocacy Program, which is part of the University Torcuato Di Tella, has also claimed "there is no direct relationship between protecting the rights of women and kicking out girls or displacing them from their place of work."

Fellow feminist Sabrina Cartabia added that the cheerleaders "make an artistic and sporting expression, they are very virtuous and what they do is good" and yet the club has kicked them out with no discussion, thereby ignoring the views of women.

Cartabia believes that, by taking this action, Boca Juniors have missed a golden opportunity to discuss the role women play in sport.

One of the cheerleaders Anabella Crosetti has claimed the group is trying to promote a healthy image, and another, Naiara Gaitan, has suggested that fans are always respectful of them.

The cheerleaders are hoping that Boca Juniors will go back on their decision to remove them from the club.