Fifa boss says Donald Trump travel ban could stop America from holding World Cup again

Donald Trump's new travel ban could prevent America from holding World Cup

Donald Trump's travel ban could mean America can't hold the World Cup

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Donald Trump's travel ban could mean that the United States cannot hold the World Cup, according to Fifa president Gianni Infantino.

Hosting rights for the 2026 World Cup are currently up for grabs and America is the favourite to win. It could host on its own or in a cross-border bid with Mexico and Canada.

Los Angeles is also bidding to hold the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024 and this could also be affected, according to The Guardian

Trump's new executive order bans immigration from six Muslim majority countries, Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. His order no longer includes Iraq, which was previously included on his first ban.

Infantino said: “When it comes to Fifa competitions, any team, including the supporters and officials of that team, who qualify for a World Cup need to have access to the country, otherwise there is no World Cup. That is obvious.

“We are now in the process of defining the bid requirements. The requirements will be clear. And then each country can make up their decision, whether they want to bid or not based on the requirements. It’s general sporting criteria.”

Iran has previously qualified for four World Cups and would be affected by the ban if they were to qualify again, although none of the other countries has ever qualified.

The competition will also include 48 teams rather than 32, and so the chances of qualifying are greater.