'Filipino Adolf Hitler' sending drug addicts to zumba

Rodrigo Duterte (Getty)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The man who has described himself as the "Adolf Hitler of the Philippines" is overseeing a rather unusual drug rehabilitation.

Rodrigo Duterte has made the war on drugs his central objective as Filipino President, but the country cannot cope with its sheer number of drug addicts. So the government has ordered the addicts to attend obligatory Zumba classes, under the supervision of the police.

One of the instructors, Roullete Folio, told news agency EFE that "the main aim is to make them sweat as much as possible.

"All the toxins left by drugs in their body will have to be brought out, and zumba is ideal for that."

Anyone who is ordered to attend the classes and doesn't do so will receive a home visit from the police, reports suggest.

The Filipino government is also sending the addicts to work as waiters and cleaners, as part of a sweeping attempt to rehabilitate those who have succumbed to addiction.

Duterte came to power in May and made the war on drugs his key policy. He has since been condemned for the brutality of his anti-drug operation, which has reportedly led to more than 3,400 deaths.

It is thought that around 600,000 people have registered with government offices to declare themselves drug addicts, but the country only has 14 rehabilitation centres and they were already full before the current crackdown, according to El Espanol