Final Trump-Clinton debate: Donald Trump support is melting away, says US political commentator

Final debate: 'Further support for Donald Trump will erode', says US political commentator

Donald Trump in the final debate (Getty)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

US political commentator Bill Barnard shared his view that support for Donald Trump will "erode" further by the end of the week because of comments made in the final presidential debate last night. 

In the last clash with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Trump operated in typical style. He refused to confirm he'd accept the election result if he lost, saying he'd keep the public in "suspense".  

He called Clinton a "nasty woman" as she spoke, and while speaking on his immigration plans, revealed his move to deport "bad hombres".

Barnard, the author of Dixiecrats and Democrats, revealed his comments will most likely alienate voters he desperately needed to win over.

"You felt the air coming from the Trump campaign this week," he told James Whale. "We've never seen anyone try to turn an election into a circus in the way Donald Trump has. 

"I think he did himself a disfavour last night - every poll I've seen shows him losing the third debate in a row and I think you'll see further support for him eroding. 

"The statement [that] he would not necessarily accept the results does not sit well with the American people - we've never heard that from a candidate before. 

"The muttering under his breath at Hillary Clinton - that didn't sit well with the women he needs to gain support from.  And his closing statement was dark and dystopian while hers spoke of unity and moving forward.

"In the end, I think a campaign of hope will prevail."