Fiona Onasanya is a 'hopeless' MP

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Former Conservative MP for Peterborough Stewart Jackson has accused his successor Fiona Onasanya - who was released from jail today, as a hopeless MP.

Mr Jackson, who lost his seat to former Labour member Onasanya in 2017, said her return to politics after a short stint in jail made a "mockery of the system".

Onasanya was jailed for three months for perverting the course of justice by lying about a speeding fine. She was released early today after serving a month in prison.



"The idea that she is pulling in £77,000 as a convicted criminal and is stringing out the appeal process in order to keep that money rolling in is shocking and disgraceful," Mr Jackson told talkRADIO's Mike Graham. "But then, nothing suprises me in politics anymore."

Jurors at the Old Bailey were told that Onasanya colluded with her brother Festus after her car was clocked speeding at 41mph in a 30mph zone, namking the guilty driver as an acquaintance of her brother.

"The electorate, particularly in Peterborough, are absolutely raging and furious about her conduct. I think if she accepted the prison sentence with grace and humility and said 'Look, I did it for my brother, I've fallen on my sword, I'm going to take what punishment comes, I think they would have been more forgiving."


'I told her mother I'm sure she would be proud'

The moment Stewart Jackson lost his seat to Fiona Onasanya. Image: Peterborough Telegraph

Mr Jackson said he was "gracious" when he lost his seat to Onasanya, and recounted telling her mother that "she would be proud".

"I told her mother that I'm sure she would be proud of her. Perhaps that was a bit previous," he said.

"She didn't have surgeries, she didn't respond to letters, she didn't interact with the local media. She was pretty hopeless and unprepared."