First ever same-sex wedding takes place in Germany

First ever same-sex wedding takes place in Germany

The first ever gay marriage has taken place in Germany

Monday, October 2, 2017

The first ever same-sex wedding has taken place in Germany after parliament voted in favour of giving gay people the same rights as their straight counterparts.

Karl Kreile and Bobo Mende, who have been together for 38 years, got married at Schoenenberg Town Hall in Berlin yesterday (October 1), according to The Independent.

Registrar Gordon Holland said it seemed appropriate for the first gay wedding to take place in the Schoeneberg district as there is a large gay community there.

There were roughly 60 guests and around 60 journalists at the ceremony in the Golden Room of the building. Those watching clapped and cheered as the couple signed marriage documents.

It was described as an “incredible honour” to be the first gay couple married in the country by Kreile, who also said the pair have spent years campaigning for LGBT rights.

After the rainbow wedding cake was cut the newlyweds went to a small reception and plan to go on honeymoon in Vienna.

In 2002 Kreile and Mende had registered their partnership, the same year the freedom to do so was introduced, but this did not give them the same rights as married couples.

The same-sex marriage bill was passed in June with a vote of 393 in favour and 226 against, including Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Yesterday (October 1) was the first day same-sex marriages were allowed to take place, with the registry office opening especially for this reason, as they are not normally open on Sundays.