A fisherman discovers a pearl worth millions... we take a look at five other surprise finds

A fisherman has discovered his pearl is worth millions of pounds
A rather classy pizza parlour
​Disgusting discovery
​Must-have vase
​A royal find
​More than he bargained for

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

A fisherman has discovered a pearl he kept under his bed for a decade is actually worth £76million!

He found the huge 1ft wide and 2.2ft long pearl ten years ago off the coast of the Philippines and kept it for good luck.

A fire at his house meant he had to clear out his belongings and move, handing the pearl to a stunned local tourism officer. It is believed it could be the largest natural giant pearl from a giant clam.

So with this surprise discovery, we thought there must also be many others who have found themselves shocked by the value of items they own.

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