'Food industry should be hit with a sledgehammer, it's poisoning us', says Eamonn Holmes

'Food industry should be hit with a sledgehammer, it's poisoning us', says Eamonn Holmes

Some ready meals contain very high levels of salt (Stock image)

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Eamonn Holmes has said the "food industry should be hit with a sledgehammer" because they're poisoning us with unhealthy food.

He made the comment after researchers from Cambridge University found that one in four adults have multiple health problems. The study also warned of “alarming” pressure on the NHS.

Saira Khan, hosting talkRADIO's Drive show with Eamonn, wondered whether there was one big contributing factor impacting on people's health to give them multiple problems.

Anna Cassell, a medical student at the University of Utah who helped conduct the study, told Eamonn and Saira whilst the study didn't look at this specifically, "obesity is a big one."

Eamonn pointed out that some have called for warnings on ready meals, as an Action on Salt survey found many Chinese ready meals have more than half the entire daily allowance of salt for an adult in them.

He said: "The food industry should be hit with a sledgehammer. They are poisoning us day after day, meal after meal, with things we think are fine.

"All of this contributes to Anna’s survey here and we talk about multiple health problems."

Cassell also said people with multiple health problems "are really contributing to a large burden on healthcare, which is placed primarily on GPs and I think we need to think about how that affects the way we design our healthcare systems."

She believes one way to tackle this would be to give patients more time in GP consultations, for example instead of having three separate consultations for three issues, "can we turn it into [one] 20 minute consultation?"

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