This footage of police rescuing a kitten with a half-eaten burrito will brighten your Tuesday

An officer proudly poses with the cat (Facebook)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Police in California are apparently willing to draw on any tools at their disposal to rescue an animal in distress.

Local reports suggest officers in Parlier, a city in Fresno County, used a half-eaten burrito to save a kitten which had got stuck in a drainpipe.

The officers also used a torch to lure the kitten into their reach, as well as some attempted meows - which were apparently very effective.

The rescue was pulled off on Monday morning and promptly posted on the local police force's Facebook page. They also uploaded a video of the meowing, which, if one is being critical, doesn't sound particularly realistic.

Parlier police say the kitten is now safe with the local animal control department and one of the officers involved in the rescue wants to adopt the little cutey. His choice of name? Burrito, apparently.

Watch the video here: