Football Lads Alliance urges boycott of Wetherspoons after being duped by spoof Remembrance Sunday message

Thursday, October 26, 2017

A new nationwide movement of football fans has urged a boycott of Wetherspoons - after a parody account tweeted that its staff won't wear poppies this year.

An account bearing the name Wethersp00n_uk sent out a tweet this afternoon, informing customers that "Due to the ever-expanding multiculturalism of our clientele and employees this year our staff will not be wearing the poppy while working."

In response, the Football Lads Alliance - which describes itself as a grassroots working-class coalition of football fans - sent a tweet with the message "#boycott Wetherspoon."

However it appears the message was fictitious, as the official JD Wetherspoon account has sent its own message, insisting that "we do support the Poppy Appeal in all of our pubs" and urging readers to "ignore spoof sites."

The Football Lads Alliance, which is backed by former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson, shot to prominence earlier this month with a huge rally in central London, with some estimates suggesting that 40,000 people took part.

The group claims it is against extremism and does not support violence, and there is no evidence to suggest any of its demonstrations thus far have witnessed fighting or vandalism.

Nonetheless anti-racism campaigners such as Diane Abbott have spoken out against the group - prompting FLA leaders to request a meeting with the Shadow Home Secretary.