Footballer denies knowing what Nazi salute is after photo backlash


Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey will face no punishment after being pictured making a gesture similar to a Nazi salute.

A Football Association panel ruled that the 32-year-old did not know what a Nazi salute was, and had a "degree of ignorance" about Hitler, fascism and the Nazi regime.

The Crystal Palace player made the gesture at a restaurant, and claimed he was trying to get the attention of a waiter by cupping his mouth and waving.

He denied making an offensive gesture, and maintained that any resemblance to a Nazi salute was "absolutely coincidental".

The photo was originally posted on his German team mate's Instagram account, but was swiftly removed.

The charge that Mr Hennessey has made an offensive gesture was found not proven after two members of the three-person panel said they believed the photograph had been "misinterpreted".

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