Foreign patients should pay to use the NHS, says doctor

'There’s a perverse incentive in the A&E system, of the money following the patient', says doctor

Jeremy Hunt says A&E patients may no longer be guaranteed to be seen in four hours

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Patients from overseas should be charged to use the NHS, according to a doctor who spoke to Jon Holmes this afternoon.

Laurence Gerlis, founder of Same Day Doctor, also said the incentive system which sees doctors get paid each time they see a patient is not helping alleviate the current problems in the health service.

He spoke to talkRADIO after health secretary Jeremy Hunt appeared to remove the guarantee that patients visiting A&E will be seen within four hours. 

Gerlis told Jon: "I don’t want to necessarily agree with Jeremy Hunt, but we do have a system that’s abused.

“I just want a tighten up all-round. I want overseas people to be charged, I want people to be checked for eligibility.

“There’s a perverse incentive in this whole system, of the money following the patient."

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