Forest Hill attack: 'As a Muslim, my feeling of being British is very different to yours now'

'Our feeling of British is very different to yours now', says activist after Forest Hill attack

Forest Hill station, where the attack took place

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A leading broadcaster and activist has told that her 'feeling of being British' as a Muslim is 'very different' in the wake of an attack in a south London overground station. 

Yesterday, a man in his 40s was taken to hospital after sustaining stab injuries during an assualt in Forest Hill station. A knifeman reportedly marched down the carriages of an overground train allegedly shouting that he wanted to kill a Muslim. 

He then proceeded to allegedly attacked his victim, declaring himself to be "the anti-Christ". 

A 38-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of grevious bodily harm. 

Lauren Booth, the sister of Cherie Blair and a high-profile Muslim convert, insisted the focus needed to be on how people can come together in the community.

"I was assaulted," she told Paul Ross. "I was driving down the M6 with my daughters, all of us wearing the hijab - which we choose to wear because it's an expectation of our belief. It's a beautiful thing and it's our business.

"Two young men made gun gestures at us. Our feeling of being British now is very different to your feeling.

"[The sort of violence seen in Forest Hill] isn't as rare as you might think. The point we should be focusing on is how we come together as one community - this is not about having debates on important issues. 

"It's allowing people to feel the fear we have in us as the Muslim community."