'Forget David Cameron's claims about Brexit referendum - he only did it to heal Tory wounds'

Brexit: 'EU Referendum was held to solve Tory party problems,' claims Barry Gardiner MP

The former Prime Minister defended the referendum decision in a speech in Ukraine

Friday, March 31, 2017

Barry Gardiner MP has rubbished David Cameron's claim that he held the EU referendum to help Britain - and said he was only thinking about his own party.

This follows on from a speech given by Cameron in Ukraine, who claimed he was right to hold a referendum as the issue had been "poisoning" British politics for years.

Gardiner, the Labour MP for Brent North, told talkRADIO that Cameron risked Britain's future in an attempt to heal the Conservatives' deep-rooted divisions on Europe, and suggested his claims of a higher, more altruistic purpose will only anger the public.

He told our presenter Carole Malone: "When he says Europe is a running sore in British politics for the last 30 or 40 years, to a certain extent he’s right.

"However, it’s much more a sore in the Conservative party. 

"Clearly what happened is this [the EU referendum] was something done to solve problems in the Conservative party and not for the benefit of the whole country.

"This is something people should feel angry about."