'Forget Nicola Sturgeon and Ruth Davidson, the real stars of Scottish leaders' debate were the audience'

Scottish Leaders Debate: 'Stars of the show were the audience', says Scottish Sun editor

Editor claims the audience didn't hold back in their questioning of the politicians during the debate

Monday, May 22, 2017

A leading newspaper editor has said it was the audience who stole the show at the Scottish Leaders Debate. 

The Debate was hosted yesterday on BBC One, and leaders of Scottish political parties gathered to attempt to convince viewers to vote for them in June. 

It was the scene of a notable confrontation between Scottish National Party Leader Nicola Sturgeon and Scottish Conservative Party leader Ruth Davidson over a second independence referendum. 

Alan Muir, who edits The Scottish Sun, said the real "stars of the show" were, in fact, the audience for the debate. 

In an interview with Paul Ross, he claimed they expressed their real concerns about issues like the NHS and education by "not holding back" with their questioning. 

Listen above.