'Forget Yellowhammer - staying in EU is the best contingency plan'

Thursday, September 12, 2019

The government should consider staying in the EU rather than making no deal contingency plans, according to Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardine.

The politician said the "sensible thing to do" would be to stay in the bloc, rather than risk medicine shortages and civil unrest, as suggested in the government's no deal dossier, Operation Yellowhammer.

"It is good to have contingency planning in any situation, but when you're looking at contingency planning and you see that there is an option which would avoid all of it, and that option is staying in the EU stopping Brexit, then surely that's the sensible thing to do?" the Edinburgh West MP told talkRADIO's Julia Hartley-Brewer.

"We are depriving ourselves of the protection of the EU."

The government said the Yellowhammer document showed “reasonable worst case planning assessments” but the opposition argue that it is the “base case scenario”.

Since the document’s release last night on the demand of MPs, opposition parties have insisted that MPs return to Westminster after having been suspended for five weeks by the Prime Minister.

"I am concerned that people are not being listened to and the people who are not listening is actually this government," Ms Jardine continued. 

"They are doing their best to silence people who disagree with them which is worrying.

"One of the problems we have with this Yellowhammer report is that the government has effectively tried to silence Parliament to prevent it being scrutinised because we're not there."

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