Former advertising executive apologises for email ranking female colleagues on looks

Former advertising executive apologises for email ranking female colleagues on looks

The email feature several 'top five' lists

Friday, March 16, 2018

The executive of an advertising agency has apologised after sending an email which ranked women at the company based on their appearance.

Paul Martin sent the email on his last day at The&Partnership in London and it has since been shared online, according to Yahoo 7.

It included several lists on women, for example "top five" and "bottom five" as well as "if I'd had a few too many."

In the email the man reviewed the looks of the women used phrases such as "after seven pints and a bag of pork scratchings."

He also told the recipients of the lists that they should "bear in mind that this is based solely on looks" and not personality because if it was "there might be some right munters in there."

Martin added: "That would defeat the whole point of trying to sexistly objectify people (on International Women's Day, of all days)."

The email was published on Twitter and shared by many people who were critical of the sexist message, leading to the man's apology.

In his apology he claims to have been making a joke of "top five" emails often sent at advertising agencies.

He said he is taking "full and sole responsibility for this and sincerely apologise for all offence this has caused." He added: "This absolutely wasn't my intention and I am incredibly sorry."

Martin claimed to have asked the women involved whether it was ok to include them, but said that saying his email "was completely misjudged doesn't even begin to cover it."

He added: "I'm incredibly sorry for my unforgivable naivety and being further complicit in contributing to an outdated and oppressive culture for women."

The company itself has also said it has apologised to both "staff and others" for the offence and has informed employees it won't "tolerate emails of this kind."