Former Blair advisor says Labour are 'further from power than any point in my lifetime' under Corbyn

'Labour isn't in tune with the aspirations of the country and will lose the next general election', says former political advisor

Matthew Doyle believes Jeremy Corbyn can't win a general election

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A former advisor to Tony Blair has said Labour are "further away from winning a general election than we've ever been in my lifetime" as the infighting under Jeremy Corbyn continues.

Matthew Doyle spoke to Julia Hartley-Brewer about the "dark and depressing times" which have engulfed the party, with deputy leader Tom Watson arguing with hard-left union leader Len McCluskey on Twitter, and Mr Corbyn 19 points behind in the latest poll.

Doyle, who served as Blair's deputy communications director during his time in Downing Street, said Mr Corbyn and his leadership team aren't "in tune with the aspirations of the country," adding that "it is plain as the nose on anyone’s face" that Labour will lose the next general election unless a change is made at the top.

Although some within Mr Corbyn's camp have complained of media bias against him, Doyle says this is a bogus argument as many others have "had to contest with the robust media in this country and they’ve ultimately come through." 

Doyle believes “Labour MPs are increasingly aware that they cannot go into the next general election with Corbyn as leader and are desperately trying to work out how to avoid that."

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