Former Brexit Secretaries Dominic Raab and David Davis win award for ‘Cabinet Resignation of the Year’

Former Brexit Secretaries Dominic Raab and David Davis win award for ‘Cabinet Resignation of the Year’

Dominic Raab and David Davis receiving their awards on Wednesday night. Image: Twitter/Tom Newton Dunn

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Former Brexit Secretaries Dominic Raab and David Davis have won an award for the best ‘Cabinet Resignation of the Year’.

The two former Conservative frontbenchers were jointly awarded at the Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year awards on Wednesday night.

Davis resigned earlier this year over Theresa May’s Chequers proposal in July, before Raab followed earlier this month after the Prime Minister published her draft EU Withdrawal Agreement.

Other winners included Tracey Crouch, the former Sports Minister for ‘Ministerial Resignation of the Year’ after she resigned over delays to crackdowns on Fixed Odds Betting Terminal stakes.

‘Speech of the Year’ was won by Margaret Hodge, who publicly attacked Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn over his treatment of alleged antisemitism within the party.


'Take back control' 

The award given to Raab and Davis received mixed reactions from those on social media.

Lord Andrew Adonis posted on twitter a photo of himself at Raab's constituency on Wednesday night, stood next to an empty chair with 'Dominic Raab' on it. 

He wrote: "I am in Dominic Raab's constituency at huge meeting to discuss Brexit. He, alas,  hasn't come."

Following the announcement of Raab's award, Lord Adonis added: "It turns out - wait for it - that Dominic Raab was celebrating his resignation at a Spectator dinner! More important to him than debating Brexit with his constituents. Maybe they should ‘take back control’."

Lord Adonis said he was also set to attend the awards, as winner of last year's 'Peer of the Year' award, but added that he declined in order to be at the meeting to debate Raab. 


'Make way for an alternative' 

The awards for Raab and Davis come as the Prime Minister struggles to gain MPs’ support for her draft EU Withdrawal Agreement.

The current Brexit secretary Stephen Barclay is the third MP to hold the position this year.

At Prime Minister’s Question on Wednesday, Corbyn called on May to “make way” for an alternative Brexit plan.

 “She is now asking Parliament to vote on the basis of a 26-page-wishlist without even seeing the full legal advice,” he said.

“It is now clear that Parliament will not back this plan so isn’t it time for her to accept that reality and make way for an alternative plan that can work for the whole country?”