Former cocaine kingpin says we must legalise all drugs

Peter Tritton says the UK's drug problem won't be solved until we legalise all drugs

Peter Tritton had a rather simple - but drastic - solution to the UK's drug problem

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A former cocaine trafficker says the only way to curb the UK's drug use is to make all narcotics legal.

Peter Tritton made the comments while discussing the prospect of legal drug consumption rooms, which some campaigners believe is the only solution to the country's mounting consumption problem.

Tritton, however, told Sam Delaney this doesn't goes far enough and says the problem can only be effectively tackled with outright legalisation, taxation and monitoring.

Tritton was joined on Sam's show by Tory MP Michael Fabricant, who says drug consumption rooms can keep the streets safer and remove the risk of children encountering discarded drug paraphernalia.

The Home Office have criticised the idea, but Fabricant believes they are "fools" for doing so, especially given the support of people such as the Medical Officer of Glasgow.

He also pointed out the long history of drug use in British society, telling our readers that even Queen Victoria took some illicit substances in the 19th century.

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