Former Downing Street comms director defends Theresa May One Show interview

'Theresa May didn't tell people how to do chores, she only explained what she does', says former communications director

The couple appeared on The One Show (Stock image)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Theresa May didn't tell the public how they should do household chores, she simply stated what happens in her own house.

That's according to former Downing Street comms director Katie Perrior, who defended the Prime Minister after her appearance on The One Show.

The Prime Minister has been criticised for suggesting that there are “boy jobs and girl jobs” around the house, during a joint interview with her husband on the prime-time BBC magazine show.

Perrior, who worked with May last year, told Julia Hartley-Brewer that whilst it was a risk for the couple to take part in the interview, ultimately it was the right move as people usually say they want to know more about Theresa May.

She claimed that they appeared as a normal couple, which is unusual in politics, and they came across as old-fashioned - which the public enjoyed.

Julia said she finds Theresa May difficult to bond with during interviews, and wondered whether Philip was there simply to warm the interview up, but Perrior had little time for this theory.

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