Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson attends 'anti-Semitic' march in Poland

Tommy Robinson attends 'anti-Semitic' march in Poland

Tommy Robinson took part in a march in Warsaw (Stock image)

Monday, November 13, 2017

Former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has taken part in a march in Poland which condemned Islam and allegedly witnessed anti-Semitic chants.

The march took place on Saturday (November 11) and 60,000 people took part in the event.

Robinson tweeted: "I have had an amazing time with Polish patriots marching against Islam. Polish pride is something else."

However some were heard chanting in favour of a "Jew free" country during the event.

Other chants shouted included “Jews out of Poland” and “refugees get out," according to The Jewish Chronicle.

Robinson has vehemently rejected suggestions that the event was fascist and anti-semitic. He said: “I had an amazing trip to Poland & was shown great hospitality.

“Poland is fortress Europe. I’ve never seen pride & Patriotism like I saw this weekend. Don’t believe the MSM slander and tarnishing of the Polish people.”

He also appeared to be trying to send a message with his retweets, as he shared a photo of a child at the event which had the caption "Nazis? Realy?? [sic]"

Far-right figures from Sweden, Italy, Germany and Slovakia also attended the event.

Nazis? Realy??

— Marcin Muszarski (@marcinmuszarski) November 13, 2017