Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson films his own arrest at 4.30am

Tommy Robinson seen recently filming for his new venture, The Rebel Media

Tommy Robinson seen recently filming for his new venture, The Rebel Media

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The man who founded the English Defence League filmed his own arrest this morning - and claimed officers were detaining him for "trying to video Muslim paedophiles."

Tommy Robinson filmed the dawn arrest on his phone, before uploading it to Facebook in a video which can be seen here.

Robinson told his followers: "It’s 04.32 and the police are at my house, and I’m being arrested for going to a court case in Canterbury and trying to video the Muslim paedophiles."

Robinson then turns the phone to face two police officers, who told him he could not film what was taking place, bringing the clip to an abrupt end.

He later posted on Twitter that he had been arrested "on charges relating to attempted journalism." However it is not clear what, if anything, Robinson has been charged with.

It is claimed that Robinson and a cameraman visited Canterbury Crown Court on May 8 to film the defendants in a rape trial. Although the court system is open to the press, proceedings cannot be filmed.

Robinson quit the EDL in October 2013 and then took a role as an anti-extremism activist with Quilliam. However he has since served time in prison for mortage fraud.

His latest venture, The Rebel Media, describes itself as a conservative news and opinion site.

Robinson and his Rebel Media colleagues have now launched a webpage to crowdfund his legal costs, and petition the local police chief to "stop harassing" him. The page is available via the Rebel Media site