Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson hits out at Mo Farah over Donald Trump protest

'If we had a ban on refugees 12 months ago in Europe, 200 people would be alive today' - Tommy Robinson defends Donald Trump's executive order

Donald Trump signed the executive order which has caused travel chaos on Friday

Monday, January 30, 2017

The founder of Britain's far-right English Defence League party has hit out at Olympic hero Mo Farah for his condemnation of Donald Trump's Muslim ban in a heated interview with talkRADIO.

Tommy Robinson suggested Farah, who won gold for Britain at London 2012, said Farah had no right to claim Mr Trump's ban on travel to the US from seven Muslim-majority countries had made him feel like an "alien."

Instead, Robinson said, the reason Farah feels ostracised is due to the influence of his fellow Somalian emigrants, which the former EDL leader believes is overwhelmingly negative.

Robinson, who quit the EDL in 2013 and has since spent time in prison for mortgage fraud, also mocked the petition to ban Trump from entering the UK, saying the signatories represent just 1% of the UK.

Speaking to Paul Ross, Robinson also said the term 'Muslim ban' was inappropriate and suggested Mr Trump's hardline policy could have saved hundreds of lives had it been implemented earlier.

He said: "Trump went on an election where he promised to get tough and protect the American people. That’s what he’s doing. 

"This hysteria coming from politicians, celebrities...Bush enforced six temporary bans, so did Clinton and Obama.

"This [the process of executive orders] is nothing new, this is just a way to get the Trump administration. 

"Five out of the eight Paris attackers were refugees, the Berlin lorry driver was a refugee. If we had a ban on refugees 12 months ago in Europe, 200 people would be alive today."