Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson: I'm friends with Muslim people and I don't know any racists

'I don't blame people for thinking I'm racist', says Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson says he doesn't blame people for thinking he is racist

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Co-founder of the English Defence League Tommy Robinson says he has plenty of Muslim friends and doesn't know any racist people.

Speaking to talkRADIO after his well-publicised Twitter spat with Lily Allen, who accused him of being a racist, Robinson also told James Whale he'd be happy for one of his children to marry someone from another race.

However he said he doesn't blame people for thinking he holds racist views, because of his portrayal in the media.

Robinson left the far-right EDL because he didn't like the direction the group is going, but has since spent time in prison for mortgage fraud.

He told James Whale that Allen had nothing to back up her racist accusations, but added: “I don’t blame some people for thinking I’m racist, when I see what the media have done to me over the years. If I believed those headlines and those views about somebody I wouldn’t like them."

Robinson also said that calling people racist is “used as a stigma and a silencing and a way of stopping people talking," he added. "They’ve got away with that for 15 to 20 years, so far, that has stopped the debate.

“I think that Brexit was a culmination of 15 to 20 years of abuse of our immigration system."

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