Former grid girl Lizzie Cundy says Formula 1's decision to scrap role is 'appalling snobbery'

Lizzie Cundy said she loved her time working in F1

Lizzie Cundy says she loved working as a grid girl

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Former grid girl Lizzie Cundy has says the decision to remove the promotional girls from Formula 1 is "appalling" and told talkRADIO she had a brilliant time in the role.

F1 has followed the lead of darts by announcing an end to the use of glamorous women to promote its events. The move has been welcomed in some quarters but also condemned by people who believe it is feminism gone too far.

Cundy, who worked as a grid girl for five years from 1990 and is now a TV presenter, said "it was one of the best jobs I had" as she loved motorsports and it allowed her to meet heroes such as Ayrton Senna.

"It was all girls together, we all had a great giggle," she told Julia Hartley-Brewer. "We were looked after, I didn't feel degraded in any way"

Cundy revealed that one of her friend's daughters is a grid girl and was in tears when she found out the role was to be abolished.

"It's supposed to be the year of the woman," she continued, "is it really?"

""Is it a snobbery that people are looking down on it? Have they actually asked the grid girls, or the ring card girls or the girls that lead in the darts players? They are all absolutely distraught."

"It's like the world's gone bonkers."

Cundy also pointed out that men work as 'grid boys' in Austria, and no-one is talking about their jobs. 

Julia, meanwhile, said straight men tend to enjoy looking at attractive men and "that's not going to change any time soon despite what the feminazis think."

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