Former inmate challenges Prison Minister to speak up about 'deathtraps'

former prisoner challenges Prison and Probations Minister to speak up about 'deathtrap' prisons

Former prisoner Codey spoke to James Whale and Ash about the situation

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A former inmate has called on the Prison and Probations minister to step up to the plate to deal with the dire situation in Britain's jails.

Codey came on to speak with James Whale and Ash about fire safety in the establishments, a factor which was revealed to have failed all inspections in 2016 after a Freedom of Information request.

Codey made the conversation more general, calling on Sam Gyimah - the MP for East Surrey - to take action.

He said: "Prisons are doubling up as mental health units. They're death-traps, whether its suicides, self-harms, fire safety.

"Yet again, the silence of the ministry of justice is deafening. 

"A lot of people are tweeting Sam Gyimah on social media, who likes to be a mouthpiece for the MOJ as the Prison and Probation minister. When he gets confronted or people are seeking answers, he doesn’t tweet.

"The guy is the minister, he’s got a social media account which states the same. So why doesn’t he engage with people, prisoners’ families with concerns and people supporting prisoners?"

Listen above.