Former judge handed five-year prison sentence for asking defendants for sexual favours

Former judge handed five year prison sentence for asking defendants for sexual favours

Joseph Boeckmann has been sentenced to prison (Credit: Pulaski County Sheriffs Office)

Thursday, February 22, 2018

A former judge has been handed a five-year prison sentence for showing leniency to defendants in return for sexual favours, US prosecutors have said.

Joseph Boeckmann was charged with witness tampering, wire fraud and corruption, according to the US justice department.

The 71-year-old plead guilty to the charges and was sentenced yesterday (February 21), Reuters reported.

He had resigned from his position as a judge in Arkansas in 2016 following accusations of taking explicit images of male defendants.

It was claimed he would then pay fines for them using his personal finances or shorten their sentences.

The man also faced accusations of "community service" sentences which involved work being done at Boeckmann's home.

Prosecutors also said in a federal indictment that the judge asked two men if they would be included in naked photographs or hit with a paddle in return for their case being dismissed.

The federal indictment claimed the man used paperwork which was deliberately incorrect in an attempt to cover up his bribery.