Former Kremlin advisor launches frenzied 'fake news' attack on BBC and accuses John Nicolson of 'spreading propaganda'

'You come from bad stock as a journalist' - former Kremlin advisor challenges John Nicolson over Ukraine and BBC journalism credits

Alexander Nekrassov had been on to speak about Operation Zapad, but an argument developed

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

John Nicolson had an argument with a former Kremlin advisor who challenged his knowledge of the situation in Ukraine and accused him of "spreading propaganda."

Alexander Nekrassov also launched into a frenzied attack on the BBC, saying it regularly lied about the situation in Russia.

Nekrassov had appeared on talkRADIO to discuss the Russian military exercises which took place in Belarus and a host of other countries, codenamed Zapad. 

However, when the conversation turned to Ukraine, an argument began to develop.

Nekrassov claimed the situation there was incomparable to Belarus, because the government was brought down by a coup. 

When John tried to contest Russia's alleged involvement, the former Kremlin adviser quickly fired back.

He said: "John, you need to stop spreading this propaganda.

"It doesn't look good that you bang on about this propaganda without giving me the word.

"I’m the Russian former Kremlin advisor. What do you know about Ukraine, tell me?

"Feel free to tell me the history of Ukraine if you’re so good on it?"

When John stated his credits as a journalist, it did nothing to sway Nekrassov's opinion. 

"You worked at the BBC? I’m sorry, I don’t respect the BBC. I don't.

"The BBC lies all the time. You come from a bad stock as a journalist."

When Nicholson suggested Russia's press wasn't exactly whiter than white, Nekrassov said he was being "outrageous", prompting Nicholson to reply that he was living in some kind of parallel universe.

Listen above.