Former London postman who joined Isis charged with mass execution

Former London postman charged with mass execution after joining Isis

Harry Sarfo was a member of Isis (Stock image)

Thursday, July 20, 2017

A former London postman who joined Islamic State has been charged with mass execution in Syria.

Harry Sarfo is currently serving a three-year prison sentence in Germany for terrorism, however he had not been accused of murder until footage of a massacre was released last year, having been leaked by an Isis source.

Now he has been charged at a specialist state security court in Hamburg with violating human rights law and six counts of murder, according to The Independent.

A spokesperson alleged that in a market square in Palmyra, six Isis prisoners were executed. It is claimed that Sarfo was one of the people in the group who took part in the killing.

He was allegedly armed with a pistol and guarded those the group had captured to ensure they didn't escape.

Federal prosecutors claimed it was Sarfo who took one of the prisoners to the middle of a road to be shot. They added: “During the shooting, he stopped at the side of the road so as not to be hit by a bullet himself.

“From there, he took aim and fired at the bodies lying on the ground.”

The prosecution also claimed five of the six killed were Syrian soldiers, the other prisoner is said to have been a Sunni Muslim preacher.

In January 2016 the man, who moved to the UK from Germany as a child, told The Independent that he had never fought for Isis despite spending three months in the caliphate.

He did talk about the “execution of six men shot in the head by Kalashnikovs” claiming it was one of the contributing factors to him fleeing. However he did not claim to be involved in the killing himself.

Since being jailed he has said he is against the ideology of Isis and wants to work with people at risk of being radicalised.