Former SNP MP John Nicolson reveals his shock at election defeat and says Nicola Sturgeon suffers 'breathtakingly cruel' abuse

'Nicola Sturgeon is sent abuse that's absolutely breathtakingly cruel', says former SNP MP

John Nicolson revealed his shock at election defeat (Wikipedia)

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Former SNP MP John Nicolson has revealed his shock at his recent election defeat and spoken about the extent of the abuse suffered by Nicola Sturgeon.

Nicolson, who has previously worked as a journalist and a broadcaster, was unseated in last month's election, defeat by Lib Dem Jo Swinson in East Dumbartonshire.

He told Sam Delaney the defeat came as a complete surprise, saying "I thought I was going to win... "until the day I thought I was winning."

However he struck a note of optimism on his party's chances for the future, saying "I think, in Scotland, the SNP has fundamentally replaced the Labour Party" as the biggest political movement.

Turning to the current furore surrounding the abuse suffered by MPs, Nicolson said female MPs get the worst abuse and Nicola Sturgeon is sent abuse which is "absolutely breathtakingly cruel."

Theresa May has announced that there will be an investigation into the abuse suffered by MPs after many cases were reported in the general election campaign.

John Nicolson told Sam Delaney: "I don’t think politicians are necessarily prepared [for the abuse]. I’d been a journalist before and a broadcaster, you get a bit of abuse, but even given that I was astonished at how vile people can be."

He thinks that it's "a relatively small group of people" who troll politicians on Twitter and "after you block them, and walk away it makes your life much more tolerable."

Nicolson believes that, while many think gay people would get the most abuse, it's actually the "women [who] get the worst.

"Women get some really really vile stuff. Some of the stuff Nicola Sturgeon gets is absolutely breathtakingly cruel."

He added: "We’ve just got to appreciate politicians more. We’ve got to appreciate what many of them give up."

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