Former soldier Alexander Palmer jailed for killing pensioner Peter Wrighton in dog-walking rage

Alexander Palmer (left) and his victim

Alexander Palmer (left) and his victim

Thursday, March 1, 2018

A former soldier has been jailed for 28 years for murdering an 83-year-old pensioner - simply because he hated dog-walkers.

Alexander Palmer attacked Peter Wrighton from behind and stabbed him a total of 45 times before dumping his body under a pile of brambles in Norfolk last August.

Mr Justice Goose, sentencing Palmer today (March 1), told him: "You attacked the deceased for no other reason than he was walking his dogs. At the age of 83 and slightly-built he was no match for the violence of your attack."

When police arrived at the place where Wrighton's body was discovered, they originally suspected he had been killed by an animal, so severe were the victim's injuries.

Goose added that the offence "was substantially aggravated in its seriousness, firstly by the fact that there was a significant degree of planning and of pre-meditation for this murder."

Palmer had denied murder but was convicted yesterday, the jury taking less than 50 minutes to convict him.