Former Theresa May spin doctor says Jeremy Corbyn is bad for democracy

'No one can influence Theresa May, she has her own mind and views', says former Downing Street comms director

Katie Perrior says Theresa May isn't influenced by others (Stock image)

Monday, May 15, 2017

Theresa May's former spin doctor has suggested Jeremy Corbyn is "bad for democracy" - because Britain lacks an effective opposition with him in charge.

Katie Perrior, who worked with May until April this year, spoke to Sam Delaney after May's Facebook Live Q&A - and struck a bullish tone on behalf of her former boss, despite the criticism May has received.

Corbyn ambushed May during the Q&A, challenging her to take part in a live debate, and many people have suggested May's performance in the ITV event was mediocre.

Yet, despite the Facebook setback, Perrior believes "people have decided that, faced against Jeremy Corbyn, they'd rather go with Theresa May,"

Furthermore, Perrior said May is "very left-wing in terms of some of the social agenda that she wants to pull through" and this will really chime with the British public in the election.

She also claimed that Downing Street staff weren't lying when they previously said there wouldn't be an early election, as May really had said no from the start of her role.

Listen to the full interview above