Former UKIP MEP defends Nigel Farage's Obama comments: 'How's it racist to call someone a creature?'

Thursday, November 10, 2016

A former UKIP MEP has defended Nigel Farage's remarks about Barack Obama on talkRADIO last night, suggesting there was no racism in the comments.

Mr Farage described Mr Obama as a "loathsome creature" in his chat with James Whale, and the comments have subsequently made national headlines.

Many have suggested the comments were racist, but Janice Atkinson, who has been in the US at Trump Tower supporting Donald Trump, asked: "how's it racist to call someone a creature?"

Atkinson, who was expelled from UKIP after a newspaper expenses investigation, told Sam Delaney that "Nigel doesn't see colour" "PC snowflake anarchist activist language that we're seeing all over the place... it's the liberal left."

She also talked about her time hob-nobbing with fellow Trump supporters in New York

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