Former UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom says he'd like to slap FIFA poppy-banners

'I'd like to give individuals at Fifa who banned poppies a tiny slap round the head', says Godfrey Bloom

Players will not be allowed to wear poppies on the pitch

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fifa bosses who have banned football players from wearing poppies on the pitch have not had a good education, according to politician Godfrey Bloom. 

Fifa has turned down a request for players from England and Scotland to wear armbands with poppies when they play on Armistice Day at Wembley. Reports claim this is due to their rule that political statements are not allowed on the pitch. 

Former UKIP MEP and ex-serviceman Godfrey Bloom told Jonny Gould and Ash: "How anybody can mistake the poppy as being a political statement, clearly really [they] are either not very bright, or haven't had the benefit of an education

"You wear these to remember, it's remembrance, it isn't a celebration," he added. "To suggest it's got anything to do with politics is really quite absurd, I'd like to interview some of the individuals at Fifa who made this decision, and perhaps just give them a tiny slap round the head.

Bloom also claimed that: "The European Union don't call it the Second World War, they call it the European civil war. That is how it's referred to in the European Union museum."

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