Four jailed after woman killed by stolen HGV

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Four men have been jailed for a total of almost 50 years after a woman was run over and killed by a stolen eight-tonne HGV they were holding 'ransom' in Barnsley.

David Mellor, 48, Alan Mawhinney, 53, Wayne Carroll, 29 and Karn Hill, 23, were convicted of death by dangerous driving at Sheffield Crown Court.

The court heard Mr Mellor took the HGV from his employers, City Freight Services, because he was owed two-and-a-half weeks wages. He told his boss he would give the vehicle back once he had been paid.

Mr Hill was behind the wheel when the HGV struck 58-year-old Jacqueline Wileman as it was pursued by police.




Sentencing the four, Judge Jeremy Richardson QC, said: "Each one of you played a pivotal role in this protracted, persistent, determined, and highly dangerous criminal escapade.

"You gave not a thought to the safety of others and exposed many people to the risk of death and serious injury while you executed what you thought was a caper, but in truth was an exceptionally malevolent course of conduct, which had an inevitably disastrous and catastrophic conclusion.

"Each one of you was enjoying every last minute of this entirely malignant enterprise until the catastrophe struck.

"It was inevitable sooner or later that day a catastrophe would occur."

The damaged house in Barnsley

After striking Ms Wileman, the HGV smashed into an empty house, causing severe damage and leaving beds protruding from the gable end of the property.

Mr Mawhinney was trapped beneath the walls of the house and had to be rescued by firefighters.

Mobile phone footage played at an earlier hearing showed Mr Hill and Mr Carroll jump from the window of the cab and try to flee before being grabbed by a passerby, while Mr Hill was arrested at a nearby hotel.

At an earlier hearing, prosecutor Jason Pitter QC said the gang had made off from a number of petrol stations without paying before the crash happened and that they appeared to be laughing and joking.