Four-year-old French girl runs away from home to be with her nursery boyfriend

They call it puppy love - four-year-old French girl runs away from home to be with her 'prince charming'

The little girl left her grandparents' home in Saint-Epain (pictured here) to find her 'prince charming'

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The search for love has no boundaries, they say. 

And a little girl in France certainly put that to the test, after she ran away from her grandparents house to be with her "Prince Charming" - a boy she had set her heart on.

The four-year-old left her grandparents' home early on Sunday morning in order to reach her baby beau, who lived four kilometers away and is also of kindergarten age. 

The little girl, from Saint-Epain in Indre-et-Loire in eastern France, walked three kilometres in an hour before she was found by a young women leaving a nightclub, who called the police.

Afterwards, she was returned safe and sound to her worried grandparents. 

Best part of the story - the two were reunited in nursery school a short time later. 

Don't you just love a happy ending?